Cheater Alert: How to find out when your partner betrays and cheats on you

Cheater Alert: How to find out when your partner betrays and cheats on you
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Nine in ten Americans believe that cheating is one of the worst crimes one can commit. Yet 30 to 40 % of couples, gf, and bf engage in it. Despite what you think, infidelity is not always about sex. Infidelity is caused by a range of underlying issues.

Thus, knowing when your partner cheats is not an easy-peasy task. This article will show you how to find out if your bf, gf cheats rather than lay it all up on assumptions.

Finding out a partner that cheats is never easy- but most people prefer knowing the truth than remaining in the dark about their gf or bf’s infidelities. Finding out that your partner which you have invested all your emotions, time and resources on is a cheater can be really heartbreaking and depressing.

But, isn’t it better to find out yourself as early as possible to cut down damages? In this article, we will be examining the signs to that show if your gf or bf is a cheater. 

Why Couples Cheat?

Why Couples Cheat?

There are many reasons why couples cheat; more than 40% of married couples are impacted by infidelity and despite the high percentage, this doesn’t make it right, as most people still condemn this act.

Over the years, the percentage by which people cheat has drastically increased. There is a myriad of reasons why people result in an extramarital affair but certain risk factors increase the odds of it happening. Risk factors like social media, personality disorders are things that lead people into cheating.

Opportunities such as social media have increased the chance that one of these risk factors will lead to cheating. Another risk factor is frustration in marriage. Here are some highlighted risk factors that aid the chances of couple cheating:

  • Childhood trauma
  • Exposure to infidelity in childhood
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex addiction
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram)

Have you ever wondered why they do it? 

There are a number of possible reasons for cheating


Dissatisfaction in marriage can either be emotionally or sexually rooted. Any of these is often claimed as a reason for both men and women. This is one of the signs you should look out for; when you begin to notice that your partner is becoming dissatisfied with the sex and attention given, there is a possibility they result in cheating.


Having an affair in the past was not an easy task to accomplish. It is much easier in the world we live in now due to the internet. Social media platforms like Facebook have been implicated in many affairs and divorces. Cheating on Facebook is very easy and quite tempting.

You can view each other profile and chat secretly without your partner finding out. In addition to this, the internet has made a lot of vices easy and sadly, cheating has not been left out of this circle. The internet, though several websites have only further encouraged this very act.

Body image/Aging

With social media, the definition of bodily beauty is constantly being modified. As such, you find many middle-aged adults – across different spectra of age, gender, or personality – engaging in affairs with a younger partner as a way to validate their attractiveness or beauty. It is perceived that if a younger woman chooses a middle-aged man over a young adult, it is because the man still “has it.”

How to Catch a Cheating Wife/Girlfriend?

How to Catch a Cheating Wife/Girlfriend?

Catching a cheating wife or girlfriend is not an easy task. This is because women are very clinical and careful whenever they cheat. Unlike men, they cover their tracks and they have a backup plan when the first backup plan fails.

There are many methods for catching a cheating wife/ girlfriend, but the tips below represent the most effective ways to accomplish this.

Look for signs

Although women are pretty great at hiding secrets, nevertheless, sometimes, they slip up, leaving some signs lying around unwittingly. These signs may range from the way they dress to even the way the talk.

All you have to do is look at those little details because they matter a lot. Here are some signs women show when they are cheating.

  • Incessantly talks about lack of emotion in the relationship: If all your wife/girlfriend talks about is how bored she is in the relationship, chances are, the passion and excitement about the relationship are fast wearing off or worse, completely gone. This is worth considering as a hint. Even if she has not yet made a lover, she is about to.
  • Obsession over social media: This should not be a worry to you if your wife is a very active person on social media even before you met but if she is not, you should jot things down. Social media has given room to an increase and creativeness to how people cheat. Instagram is one of the most common ways women find their cheating partners. If you notice your wife has developed an obsession over the pictures she posts on Instagram and how sexy it is, then I suggest you pay close attention to this. Instagram cheating is no longer news to all, several cases of cheating can be traced to social media, and incidentally, cheating on Instagram remains one of the most rampant ways to engage in this vice.
  • When your wife begins to get unnecessarily paranoid with her phone contents. Often, in most cases amount to be a case of infidelity. 

All these are signs to look out for in order to catch your cheating wife/ girlfriend. Another effective but expensive way to catch your cheating wife/ girlfriend is to hire a private investigator, although this may seem quite a little extreme. 

How to catch a cheating boyfriend/ husband?

How to catch a cheating boyfriend/ husband?

It is heart-breaking finding out your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you. In events of this suspicion, it is advisable that you know for sure before making such a confrontational accusation. The social media has made cheating so easy, for instance, cheating on WhatsApp can be done so stealthily.

However, this does not mean it is impossible to catch a cheating partner. If you notice your husband who is not a social media freak is beginning to get addictive with it, you might want to look into that. We will look at some signs to look out for as to know how they perpetrate this act.


Honest relationships value openness in everything. Have you observed a reluctance to share his social media space with you? Often, when men who did not indicate interest in social media usage suddenly become obsessed with apps, infidelity is underway.

If you notice that his devices are now password-protected, or if he becomes guarded with his smartphone or laptop, denying your request to glimpse his messages, then you should suspect something.

Sudden Change in Appearance

You find him surfing websites that deal with bodily products, something he rarely cared about? Then you should be on the lookout. When you see that he’s giving much attention to how he smells, to his haircut, his facial appearance, gestures he didn’t show before, that’s all the signal you need.

Keeping Distance

Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. At least five in ten partners who see a counsellor in the process of a separation confess to breaks in communication in the period leading up to their separation. You’ll know that your husband is involved with someone else when he stops engaging you in conversations.

Men enjoy sharing moments with people they love. He wants to tell you about the work stress, the irritating colleague, the crazy traffic, everything. If you observe he doesn’t want this anymore, then it might be the sign of something wrong.

Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Using phone spy apps

Spying on your husband’s phone is one of the most effective ways of catching a cheating man. Having direct access to his calls, text messages and emails can give you the evidence you want. You can use cost-effective cheaters spyware to accomplish this.

Hire a private investigator

This is also a very effective way of catching your cheating spouse. Private investigators have licensed personnel that look thoroughly for evidence by following the cheating partner day and night with the intention of uncovering infidelity.

Drop by unannounced

You could drop in unannounced on your husband because most cheaters will cheat in the absence of their spouses. This may be at his office or home. The key is not letting him know that you are suspicious of him; always have a reason for dropping by.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I catch a cheater?

Before you catch a cheater make sure you have evidence of his/her infidelity. You can use the services of a private investigator. You can also catch him yourself by looking out for signs that prove he is. In addition to this, a spy app can often come in handy.

How do I know if my wife/girlfriend is cheating?

It is very hard to know if women are cheating because they are tactful and strategic when it comes to matters like this. You should look out for signs. These signs suggest a sudden change in her behaviour or a new trait. They may be a change in the way she dresses, obsession over social media and so many others.

How do I catch a cheating boyfriend?

You can hire a private investigator to do that for you. You can also drop in unannounced to his home or workplace.

How do I catch a cheating spouse?

It does not only suffice to have a suspicion about a cheating spouse, you have to be sure this is the case. There are various red flags to look out for, which are explained in this write-up.

Beyond discovering your partner’s infidelity, reconciliation is possible and encouraged. No one wins in a relationship where a partner cheats. We believe that when you begin to notice red flags, you should act by reaching out to a professional, usually a family psychologist. Sorting out the differences, rather than separating because of them, results in a win-win for all.

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