How to read text messages on the cell phone?

How to read text messages on the cell phone?
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There are a lot of controversies around the morality behind reading other people’s text messages. While some people say it is utterly wrong to go through people’s text messages, some other people think that it is not bad: given that your intention is right.

So, whenever you fall into a situation that warrants that you read someone’s text message, the first thing to do in determining if it’s right or wrong is to test the intention (why you need to do this.)

You should note that sometimes, your intention may seem right to you while it may in like terms, come off as selfish to others. So, test your intention to be sure that this move is not just about you. Here is one way to test your intention. Ask yourself the question- “What happens if I get caught?”

What happens if I get caught

Another important factor to note is the ‘who’ question. Whose text message are you reading? Is it in your place to even handle their phones and get into their privacy? Or… scratch that, I think the first question to ask yourself is the ‘who’ question before the statement of intention. In some cases, no matter how pure your intention is, if you are not so close to the person in question, then you have no right sneaking into their private space.

So, it is okay to go through your kid’s messages, your friend, mum, dad, close colleague or spouse’s text message; but then be sure you are doing this for the right reasons. Some of the right reasons could be to verify if you are being cheated on. Whatever be your case, find out the smart way to go about this- learn to read text messages without spouse’s knowledge.

Do you sense that your wife is cheating on you? Or you are worried that your boyfriend or girlfriend is being scammed and should be protected? Now, that is a good reason to be sneaky around their texts. 

How to read text messages on cell phone

How to read text messages on cell phone

There are two ways to go about reading text messages on your spouse’s cell phone. It is either you do it overtly or covertly. If your plan is to hide the fact that you read her text message, then covert methods are the best, but if it is the case that you want to be open about it then overt methods will work.

For covert or undetectable methods, people often rely on the use of mobile applications to link spouse’s messages to their phones. Common apps that are used include Text diversion apps that reroute messages from the phone of the original phone holder to interested parties. Another category of app is the Password unlocking app.

These apps are used to unlock cell phone messaging apps. And so, while your husband is asleep: with the app you can read through his texts.

In the final analysis, all of these are only complex ways to read messages on cell phones. For a hidden yet simple operation, you just have to get a bit more creative. Create a scenario that will keep your spouse away from his phone for a while, gain access to their messaging app and take a quick run through the cell phone. 

For overt methods, you need to come out clean to your wife or husband. Explain the need to go through their cell phone and wait to be granted permission.

How to Read Wife or Girlfriend's Messages

How to Read Wife or Girlfriend’s Messages

For some people, staying in a place of doubt about a cheating girlfriend or wife is a safe place to be. Sayings like “What you don’t know won’t kill you” finds purpose here. 

But really, this is not obtainable. It is important to know what you are up against. Living in doubt when you can actually verify, is to live in denial. 

Think about it, what is the worst risk factor? She turns out to be cheating on you and you both break up. Don’t you think this is an easier pill to swallow than marrying a cheating wife? Always remember that a shaky relationship is a hint towards a failed marriage. 

So now that you know why you need to do this, here is how to read text messages on your wife’s phone.

  • Follow your wife on all Social media platforms. If your wife is of the 21st Century, chances are that she chats with whoever she is cheating with on Instagram. The statistics show that cheating on Instagram is a common phenomenon with women. Pay attention to the comments and likes that her posts receive, you can get leads here.
  • In the event that you get caught, do not deny your actions. Simply explain your insecurities; premise upon the premise and if she loves you, she will understand that your jealousy got the better part of you. While some women will find this annoying, being open and vulnerable about why you did this, could get her to forgive you easily.
How to Read Husband or Boyfriend's Text Messages

How to Read Husband or Boyfriend’s Text Messages

First, before you set out to read your boyfriend’s text message be sure that you have got enough signs to suggest that he is cheating. WhatsApp is an easy go-to for men. Ever wondered why a man will ask for WhatsApp contact details instead of another point of contact information when he meets his next flirting prey? 

Men like things to be kept simple and straightforward which is the more reason cheating on WhatsApp is the order of the day for men. So, in reading your husband’s text message, aim for his WhatsApp dealings. 

It is important that you understand that men and women do not reason alike. Your man is not like your friends or your mum. Tactics that get your mum to surrender her phone to you might not necessarily work for your husband. Understand how his mind works.

Men do not like to be subjected or controlled. Naturally, men crave autonomy, so your plan had better be smooth enough to ensure that you do not get caught.

Here are some tips on how to go through your boyfriend or husband’s text message without him knowing.

  • Gain his trust. Let him get so confident around you that he can leave his phone around you without being there.
  • Avoid talks that give him inklings to your plan.
  • Strategize well and seize opportunities.
  • Do not make assumptions about the meanings of conversations in the text.
  • Do not act according to what the text reveals until you have corroborated your findings with other proofs.
  • Get your act together. He doesn’t have to know that you went through his text. Discovering that you got snoopy around his phone, may result in distrust. 
  • In situations when he has to know that you went through his texts, create a scenario of you bumping into the text.

General Tips on How to read spouse’s text messages

  • Ensure you are not reading for selfish reasons.
  • Trust your spouse until there are vivid reasons not to.
  • Understand the several relationships that your spouse has with people. An informal relationship with a particular person could give room for endearments. This will not be necessarily mean that he is cheating.
  • If you get caught while checking his text message, ensure that you have a good story that explains your motive to want to read his text.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to read text messages of another phone?

There are many apps that intercept text messages from another phone. Some require that you install the software on the phone being tracked while some others do not need the software to be installed. The installation of any of these applications will guarantee you the access to read messages off another phone.

How to read text messages from another phone without them knowing for free?

There are several ways to access text messages from another phone for free. You can check out the Cocospy Application online.

Can I read my boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone?

This is the 21st century and with technology’s far-reaching impact, reading your boyfriend’s text messages without having to handle his phone is a possibility. The Spyic is a highly recommended app for this purpose.

Can I read someone’s text messages for free without having to install software on their phone?

Yes, it is possible to read someone’s text message without installing software on their phone. There are several options of applications that help you read your spouse’s text without installing software on her phone.

Conclusively, it is important that you understand that despite several online applications that will help you read your spouse’s text message without them knowing, they are not effective methods in solving the problem.

While trying to solve the issue of cheating in your relationship, it is important that you seek professional advice from a family psychologist. Reading a text message that is suggestive of cheating does not concretize the fact that your wife or husband is cheating. You need a method that works 100% to be able to ascertain for a fact that they are cheating. And in the event that they are cheating, confront them tactically and be ready to forgive.

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