How to Read Your Partner’s Messages on Instagram?

How to Read Your Partner's Messages on Instagram?
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Instagram has become the most famous social network. The reason it has entered many people’s hearts is that you can express yourself and present your daily life through images. Humans respond well to imagery. Instagram is a form of visual marketing, where we get to market ourselves.

This often leads us to represent our lives and appearances as absolutely perfect. Instagram has many advantages, like being able to share interesting parts of your everyday life more easily, but it also hides potential danger.

Our hearts can become envious of perfect images that Instagram shows, of people’s clothes, hair, houses… We become dissatisfied with our own flaws and, sometimes, with the imperfections of our partners.

Getting bored with the monotony of their own relationship, people often look for the escape- and who’s better for that than a beautiful girl with 5k followers on Instagram?

Maybe you have noticed that your partner has a bigger number of people in their “Following” list than those they know in real life, or that they like provocative pictures of the people they don’t even know, or maybe you have noticed someone in their DMs you had never heard of before.

Is your partner’s Instagram account making you suspicious? 

Why Instagram makes people cheat and should you check your partner’s messages?

Why Instagram makes people cheat and should you check your partner’s messages?

Instagram allows you to make yourself look any way you want (and even to create a fake profile with the photos of someone better-looking). You can hide your flaws and make your virtues look even shinier. This way, anyone can draw attention.

DMs become full, the number of likes starts growing, and it becomes more and more difficult to reply to all the flattering comments. Attention is the most addictive drug and the best food for egoism. 

At first, there are texts, full of harmless emojis and compliments. These don’t seem wrong, even though you know that your partner would feel hurt and mad if they saw them. A little meaningless fun won’t do any damage. But does it really end there?

The other person asks you out. Is there something wrong with meeting a new person? And, before you know it, you’re a part of a scam. 

We all know that social-networking works this way. It’s no wonder that your boyfriend/girlfriend texting often or posting too many photos on Instagram makes you worried. And curious.

Does he find that girl with too many beach photos more attractive than you?

Does she prefer the gym body of that boy to your soft belly? 

Suspicion is eating you from inside. You want to trust your partner fully, but you almost feel obliged to invade their privacy. Will you protect your relationship this way, or you’ll destroy it? When you count the risk factors, is it really worth it?

How to read your boyfriend’s/ girlfriend’s messages on Instagram?

How to read your boyfriend’s/ girlfriend’s messages on Instagram? 

Instagram is a relatively secure app. The whole system of direct messaging is supposed to be private and to stay between two persons. This means it won’t be easy to find out what stands behind that shady behaviour on Instagram.

Keep in mind that talking about your worries, suspicions, and problems is not only way easier but also a more effective and fair way to find out the truth. 

On the other hand, confronting your partner will be quite uncomfortable. Whether your loved one is guilty or not, they’ll blame you for asking and suspecting.

They’ll feel hurt or act like they’re hurt. If they say it’s all your fault, they’ll feel less of their own guilt. 

So, a conversation might not convince you that your partner is loyal, even if they claim so. If you see signs that your partner is unfaithful like if they post many provocative photos, but don’t dress like that in real life, or if they spend more time in their DMs than with you, it’s only natural that you’re worried.

Going through their Instagram messages isn’t impossible, but is it worth the risk? Why do you feel the need to do this? 

If you decide to go through this risky process, the easiest thing to do is to install an app that will let you see your partner’s messages with almost no risk of getting caught. What these spying apps do is basically take money for allowing you to see messages of a person of interest.

Check a trusted app that gives you a sight of all messages your partner has sent and received, even those deleted ones! It is completely safe for those who want their spying to stay a secret. 

If you don’t want to spend money on apps, the best way is to try to enter the messages directly from their phone. This option is the most obvious and the quickest one, but you have to be aware of the risk you’re taking. If your significant other sees what you’re doing, this could be the end of your relationship. Don’t let your paranoia lead to a breakup! 

How to read your spouse’s messages on Instagram?

How to read your spouse’s messages on Instagram?

It seems like being married was so much easier before. With no social networking, it was easier to track who your life partner is hanging out with. You live your lives together and it works perfectly, but there’s a whole virtual world you have no insight in. It makes you curious. Is your spouse loyal enough to send memes to you exclusively, or are there others they chat to in their free time?

Whether you’ve been together for eternity and you notice that they have started behaving differently since they have made their Instagram account, or you’re just married and you’re worried they didn’t get rid of the habit of texting everyone attractive, you easily get poisoned with jealousy.

Marriage is one of the most important things in life and you have a burning desire to know if yours is truly successful. But is invading your spouse’s privacy OK? How would you feel if they did the same to you?

If you’re canny enough, you can easily find a way to take a glimpse at your spouse’s phone. You don’t even need their phone for a long time, a minute is enough. Just ask them to make you tea, or ask if you can check the feed from someone you don’t follow, but your loved one does.

If they don’t let you or they bring their phone everywhere, it means they’re possibly hiding something. Ask them about it or look at their messages when they’re away. If they hand you their phone, just slide quickly in their DMs to see who they’re talking to. If there is no one suspicious, great for you. You have a marriage full of love and loyalty.

If you see an alarm, like a name you’ve never heard of before, or a weird message with their friend, try to look at that conversation. If there’s not enough time, leave their phone and try to find a way to talk to them.

To sum up, going through your partner’s messages is not the best solution. You can destroy the trust and love you have. You can either get caught during your spying activities or you can misunderstand a message or two.

Doing something behind your SO’s back leads to more mistakes and more distance between you two. If a conversation with your loved one doesn’t help, try talking to a family psychologist. Maybe you both have issues with your relationship and you need a professional to help you solve them.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to read Instagram messages without opening?

If there are many messages this won’t let you see all of them, but just wait for notification and scroll it down to see the message. This won’t let the sender know you saw it. 

Can I read an Instagram message without the sender knowing?

Yes, you can. Switch off your WiFi and open the message. Once you’ve read it, log out of your account, without turning the WiFi on. Then turn on the internet again and log in to your account. And it’s done! You’ve seen the message, but the sender won’t get notified. 

How to read messages on Instagram which are deleted?

Go to the Privacy and Security button on your Instagram account and find the “Download data” button. You’ll get a mail with the subject “Your Instagram Data”. Unzip the file in the email and find the messages you wanted to read. 

Why is important to read text messages of your fiance on Instagram?

Having a trust-based marriage is better, but if you have a reason not to believe in your partner’s words completely, checking their messages can be the only solution. Hopefully, you’ll only make sure you’ve chosen a loving and loyal person to spend your life with. 

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