How to Read Your SO’s Messages on Messenger- Without Them Knowing?

How to Read Your SO's Messages on Messenger- Without Them Knowing?
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We’ve all been there. His/her phone beeps, they quickly glance at it and turn off the screen. Curiosity killed the cat, but that doesn’t mean we’ve learned something from it. It’s something inside us that makes us wonder, a voice of uncertainty that makes us think about it all the time.

“Wouldn’t you sleep better if you knew you were wrong and your love is as loyal as ever?”

The voice says

Yes, if you see you were worried for no reason, you would feel so happy and relieved that you’d surprise your loved one with a passionate kiss. But what happens if you’re right? If all your darkest thoughts become reality? 

You sure look like a perfect couple: but is your relationship full of cheating, worrying, and scams? 

You sure look like a perfect couple: but is your relationship full of cheating, worrying, and scams?

They say that the other person just feels that their significant one is giving love to someone else. But the truth is, when you know someone on a deeper level, you can notice even the slight changes in their behaviour. How they speak, smile, touch… Every step can reveal if they’re doing something behind your back. 

There are small signs and alarming ones. For example, if your partner suddenly starts dressing up and doing their hair differently, it may all be for someone else, but maybe they just decided they wanted to take care of themselves.

Just be careful and watch, if they barely take a shower when going out with you, but wear loads of perfume for work- something might be wrong. Or, all of a sudden, they start buying you expensive gifts and showering you with attention. Don’t get fooled, it might be a sign of guilt rather than a sign of love! 

Whether it’s because they’re falling out of love, or they’re not ready to fully commit, you’ll definitely feel hurt if your suspicions turn out to be true. 

Screaming alarm: you see your partner on the phone all the time, whenever you look there’s the same icon on screen coming from Messenger, but they often miss your calls when they’re outside. Should you check their messages and why?

Well, there’s a chance you’re blinded by jealousy, but if your instinct screams something’s wrong, it can be. If they’re giving you a reason to be suspicious, first try talking about. Chances are they’ll start attacking you and blaming you for having doubts and not trusting them.

That’s what those who are cheating often do, they are trying to project their own guilt on you, they want you to feel as guilty as them. So, if talking doesn’t work and that little voice in your head still won’t leave you alone, maybe it’s time for Messenger check. Just think if you’re ready to take all the risks of being caught, or finding out something that’ll hurt you deeply.

Remember: if you’re worried about nothing and you get caught, it can ruin your relationship completely. Measure the risk factors and the benefits and decide if you should take this step.

How to read your boyfriend girlfriends messages on Messenger 1

How to read your boyfriend/girlfriend’s messages on Messenger? 

It doesn’t matter what stage of a relationship you’re in, your partner shouldn’t chat with other people unless they’re good friends. Especially if you’re still not living together, it’s not easy to get a look at who they are exchanging messages with. But, if you really want to know and if you’re ready for the truth, these tricks will help you find it out.

Reset their password 

This method is the easiest one. You only need to know the email address of their account, which is not so difficult if you’re a couple. You can find a reason to ask them to log in to their Facebook account or your laptop or iPad and they probably won’t be suspicious about it. Even if they don’t do it in front of you, the email will stay on the page.

Once you got the email, the rest is pretty simple. Click on the “Forgot your password?” button. Type in their email and confirm that’s your account. 

Be careful: Facebook will offer you to reset the password through the mail you typed. This would only lead to getting caught! To avoid this, click on the “No longer have access to these?” button. 

The next step is to type in another email address. You can make a new one, it’s the safest. After this, Facebook will ask you a secret question. You’ll probably know the answer, but even if you don’t there’s still hope for you. The next option for you is: “Recover your account with help from friends.” Of course, for this, you need to have 3 to 5 people you trust enough to forward you the codes that Facebook sends, without telling your partner.  

Try to guess their password

Okay, this one seems obvious and unlikely to succeed, but if you know that person very well, this might work. Keep in mind that most people use the same password on all devices and media. Try to remember his password for Netflix or WiFi and try it. Who knows, maybe it’s easier than you thought. 

Use App 

If these methods don’t work, this app won’t fail you. It’s an app that lets you see all the information, including messages, media, and calls, seamlessly. You just have to pay for a subscription and let it do its magic! 

How to read your spouse’s messages on Messenger?

How to read your spouse’s messages on Messenger?

You share a bed, life, and maybe kids. You think you know everything about them- and then they start acting all mysterious. Is their love for you fading away and getting brighter for another person? Do you see the signs of cheating? Going through their messages might give that secret away, but won’t you feel guilty?

Reading your spouse’s messages is quite easy. No matter how close they keep their phones, you can always find a chance to snoop. You can do it while they’re taking a shower if they left it to charge while going to a supermarket, or you can think of a way to occupy them for a while so they don’t disturb your reading.

Just make sure there’s no way for them to catch you on that act! You should be able to do this even if you don’t know the password to unlock their phone (which is quite unlikely if you’re married), just by watching them closely while typing it every day and remembering the number, word, or patterns. Easy as that!

But what happens if you get caught? There’s a risk of throwing away years of a good relationship. And if there are kids involved, you should be even more discrete about spying on your partner or discussing the issue of cheating.

So, we proved it:  Reading text messages is not impossible! If you think doing this can help you sleep better and trust your partner completely, go for it! But keep this in mind: if you don’t completely trust your partner, you have to work on your relationship, even if they’re not cheating.

You should talk, try to solve your problems, explain how you feel. If that doesn’t work, or if you find out the other person is cheating and you want to save your relationship, speak to the family psychologist. That issue is too big for you two to solve it by yourself!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to read messages on Messenger without opening?

You get the notification and you can read the text without opening it. Of course, if there’s a picture or other attachment, or if there are many messages, you’ll have to open it to read it completely.

How to read deleted messages on Messenger?

You can download the app and then you can track all the deleted messages on the chat.

Can I read a message on Messenger without the sender knowing?

Enable the Airplane Mode feature, read the message, and then disable it. This is an effective way to read it without informing the sender. Or you can turn off the internet, read the message, and then mark it as unread. Easy and no risk!

Why is important to read messages of your fiance on Messenger?

You have to ask yourself if that person is trustful enough to be your life partner. If you have doubts about your potential life partner, ask yourself if it’s just a projection of your own insecurities. If you’re still suspicious, then check who they’re talking to when they’re away from you.

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